My upcoming novel, The Yankee Club, would not crack the top ten list I recently posted about the great mysteries of the Classic age of mysteries. But those ten certainly influenced my writing.

The Yankee Club is far different from those classics, and, in spite of the story taking place in Prohibition era, New York, it isn’t noir fiction either.  What makes it different?

The novel blends humor and romance with the suspense. And it’s based on actual events that took place in New York in 1933. Here’s a little more about it.

Yankee Club with the rose crop 4With all the style and of the classic “Thin Man” movies, The Yankee Club follows a detective turned mystery writer and a Broadway actress in 1933 as they investigate the murder of their childhood friend, along the way uncovering a Nazi plot against newly elected President Franklin Roosevelt.

Pre-order the Yankee Club now, and it will be downloaded when it’s released, August 12.

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