For those of you who’ve followed and enjoyed my blogs about Woodstock, I’ve appreciated your interest. Woodstock inspired my novel, Goodbye Emily, and from your feedback many of you have enjoyed the novel and the look back.

I’ve returned with┬ámy writing focused on my mystery and suspense roots. In August, Random House Alibi will release the first in a humorous historical mystery The Yankee Club. Next January comes the second in the series, All That Glitters, as the two main characters travel to Hollywood.

The Yankee Club┬átakes place in 1933 New York. Inspired by The Thin Man novel by Dashiell Hammett and the Thin Man movies starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, The Yankee Club follows detective turned mystery writer, Jake Donovan, and Broadway actress Laura Wilson, as they investigate the murder of Jake’s former detective partner, Mickey O’Brien.

Humor and romance blend with the mystery and suspense. Along the way, you’ll meet Cole Porter, Babe Ruth and even Dashiell Hammett himself.

Like the sixties, the thirties was a troubled time that inspired me to write a novel. Before the release of The Yankee Club, I wanted to share some of my inspiration about the times and troubles of the era and the mystery novels that sprang from the times.

I’ll write about novels written during and about the times. I hope you introduce you to other authors who write historical mysteries.

My next blog will be about Dashiell Hammett. Hope you enjoy.



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